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Happiness is what we provide with utmost significance. And that happiness is provided in every function through our many satisfactory services.

Our most notable service is catering service. The requirements for every catering event depend on various factors, like location, time of the day, number of people and the nature of the event itself. Regardless of the occasion requirements and volume of celebration, we are here to provide a whole solution for your catering needs. For convenience and ease of handling events, we have classified catering services into two categories:

Labour Mode

We will provide a well-supportive catering team for the food preparation and serving. The pre-event arrangements like procurement of provisions and store handling will be managed by the customer in this process.

Total Contact

In this comprehensive service option, the entire arrangements including catering, servicing and hospitality will be completely handled by us, once the customer approaches us with their order.

We Attend & Provide

Leaflet Service
Leaflet Service
This service is best when the dining area is small but many guests are expected to dine at the same time. Our staff serve the food from your customised menu in an orderly manner. We make sure the needs of the guests are met in the best possible way.
Buffet Service
Buffet Service
If you have a large dining area, this service is preferable. This way of serving food allows the guests to interact with others while eating and have a good time. Food wastage can be reduced with this choice.
Marriage Catering
Our key service is to provide delicious cuisine and make adequate catering arrangements for your wedding function. Over the years, our speciality lies in preparing food for marriages with delectable and customized menu options.
Traditional Foods
Birthday Catering
For your special day, when you are surrounded by your loved ones, we take the pressure of the food section away from your shoulders. Your hppiness will grow multifold by seeing the satisfaction of your loved ones as they eat our food.
Trendy Foods
Corporate Catering
Corporate Catering
With the advent of multinational companies, corporate functions became a gathering session for the staff to unite and cheer for numerous functions and events. We have upgraded our facilities to meet their needs with tailor-made packages and services.
Packed Food
Packed Food
During long travels, it is always not feasible to find good restaurants on the way. We provide a solution for such cases by providing packed food. Our packed containers, based on your customised menu, will definitely liven your journey.
Sweets and Savouries
From small kids to old people, who doesn’t like sweets? And what better way to spread happiness than distributing sweets? For your order, we supply lip-smacking sweets and savouries at affordable prices to sweeten and energise your special days.
Sweets & Savouries
Event Management
Event management not only takes up your time and energy on your special day, but also on the days that lead to it. We are here to take away this burden from you. You will surely be satisfied by our event management techniques.
Event Management

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